The Polish Hunting Association (PZŁ) is the basic authority that supervises hunting management and ensures that the law, principles of ethics, hunting customs and traditions are complied with. Approximately 110,000 hunters are associated in the Polish Hunting Association.

The Polish Hunting Association commenced its activity in 1923; already in the interwar period it was the only representative of hunters in Poland. In 1928 Polish hunters were co-founders of the International Hunting and Animal Protection Council (CIC), which still exists. This organisation, whose members are representatives of approximately 140 countries from all over the world, is the biggest hunters’ forum. Since 1994 the Polish Hunting Association has been a member of the Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the European Union (FACE).

The basic structure of the Polish Hunting Association, and at the same time an entity responsible for hunting management in Poland, is a hunting club. The number of hunting clubs in Poland exceeds 2500. They unite 95% of all members of the Polish Hunting Association. Hunting clubs have been existing in Poland for over a century. They are one of the most characteristic features of the hunting model. They have their legal personality and are completely independent in the economic aspect.

Poland’s territory is divided into 5,000 hunting districts. 4,700 districts are administered by hunting associations, 240 – by the State Forest National Forest Holding, 16 – by the Polish Hunting Association and the remaining ones are administered by state universities of agriculture. The Polish hunting model does not enable private organisations to purchase or lease hunting districts. Hunting districts in Poland are rather big – ca. 5,000 ha on average, the smallest district should be of the area of 3,000 ha according to the regulations in force.

Hunting districts are responsible for hunting management. They are financed from membership fees, sale the game and from sale of hunts to domestic and foreign hunters.

In compliance with the Polish hunting law, a hunter may buy a hunt in the territory of Poland only through a company that possesses all required permits and civil liability insurances. You will find out in the next chapter how to find such a company.