Red deer stag, which hunters hold in deep respect, is deeply rooted in the Polish hunting tradition. It was selected to be a symbol of the Polish Hunting Association and its trophy is a cause for pride for each real hunter. Owing to diverse scenery, very good condition of deer population, Poland offers foreign hunters lots of interesting opportunities as regards deer stag hunts.

Generally, deer can be observed throughout Poland; however, there are tendencies for bigger or smaller concentrations. The provinces where the biggest numbers of deer are observed are as follows: Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie and Podkarpacke. As regards the quality of trophies, Poland is characterised by big diversity, owing to which each hunter can find a trophy he can afford. In most hunting districts, the average weight of trophies of red stag ranges from 4 to 5 kg. Deer males with trophies above 9 kg are rare but they can be found in the best hunting grounds every year, in particular in Mazury and Bieszczady mountains.

Deer stags can be hunted in Poland from 21 August to the end of February. Yet, the best and the most beautiful period for red stag hunt is the rutting period that usually takes place in the second half of September. Depending on the region and weather conditions in the particular region, the period referred to above may vary a little. It is worth remembering that in September forests are intensely penetrated by mushroom-pickers, which poses a big problem in some hunting districts. When there are too many people in the forest, red stags move to areas that are not available to mushroom-pickers, such as swamps, densely-overgrown river banks or nature reserves.

Hunting for red deer stags during the rutting period is one of the most beautiful experiences one can imagine. During the rutting period deer males are often hunted from high seats; however, the hunting method that evokes the most emotions is by means of stalking. Weather permitting, it is possible to approach the stag at a short distance. More experienced hunters may try decoying the male by means of imitating the voice of its rival. However, in order to do it, one must be really experienced because the tone should be adjusted to the tone of the bugling stag that we are trying to decoy, which is not easy at all… Experienced hunters are able to say how old the given stag is on the basis of its voice. Stags bugle in the most intensive way in the evening, at night and at dawn. Polish regulations forbid to hunt for deer at night, so a hunter may go hunting in the morning and in the evening. Unfortunately, the degree of bugling considerably depends on the weather. Stags bugle when it’s cool, even a few degrees below zero. When it is too warm, bugling can be too quiet.