Beyond the shadow of a doubt, wild boar hunt is the most popular hunt type in Poland. The reasons for the popularity of this hunt type are that wild boar is common throughout Poland, there are many boars in hunting districts, it can be hunted almost all year long and it is the only big game (except carnivores) that can be hunted at night.

Big numbers of wild boars can be found near developed agricultural areas, that is in the western and northern parts of Poland; however, in the recent years they have been moving towards the eastern border.

As a rule, boars can be hunted in two ways: individually and driven – during drive hunts for big game, which will be described in more detail in the next chapter. Individual boar can be hunted by means of in stalking and stand hunting; however, the most effective and emotional method is hunting by stalking at night. Wild boars prey the most intensively at night, that’s why in good hunting districts a chance of successful hunt at full moon is really big. When the wind is good, the boar can be approached very closely, which is a really unforgettable experience. During a well-prepared hunt that takes five days a hunter can expect to hunt 3-8 wild boars. The weight of most of shot boars ranges from 30 – 60 kg. One can come across big trophy wild boars; however, there is no guarantee that it will be case.

Wild boars are hunted almost all year long, except March. The high season starts on 1 April and lasts till the end of February. Sows, which are an exception, can be hunted from 15 August to 15 January. Driven boar hunts are possible between 1 October and 15 January.